The following observations when sampling can be used as a general guide when sampling. However, the service life of the damper can only be accurately established by fluid analysis by Metaldyne:

1) Normal Condition: New silicone fluid is a clear / colourless fluid.

2) Intermediate condition: Fluid colourless to light shades of yellow / brown, and free from particles. Usually indicates no internal damage. Fluid viscosity will determine suitability of damper for further service periods.

3) Requires service: Fluid dark brown or black in colour, usually with particles in the fluid. As a general rule, dampers with fluid in this condition have suffered internal mechanical damage and have restricted remaining service life.

4) Emergency Condition: A damper with gelled / solidified fluid is unsuitable for service and it should be removed from service as soon as possible as it is no longer protecting the crankshaft from torsional vibration.

Which of these conditions does your sample look like ?

Normal Condition

Intermediate Condition

Requires Immediate Service


Emergency Condition